Cambridge International School

Cambridge International School

  • CLIENT: Cambridge Internati onal School, Bourne Bridge Road,
    Abington, Cambridge
  • COMPLETED: 9th October 2015
  • SIZE: 183.15 m2 GEA
  • TURN-KEY COST: £271,015 ex VAT including design, engineering,
    links to existi ng school and all landscaping.
  • DESIGN AND ENGINEERING: Ian Harban Associates


Replace an existing temporary marquee building with a more permanent structure in an extremely challenging timescale and location. Having been discussing the idea of the need for a high quality replacement building for school
assemblies and dining, as well as having to bear in mind the possibility the building may need to be relocated as part of future development plans for the school (the building may be moved to become a sports pavilion) an order was placed with Timberworks Europe on 6th July 2015. We then began close liaison with the school and its agent to provide just the right design to satisfy the schools requirements. The building itself was built at our facility in Mid Wales and made up of a 300mm galvanised steel frame supporting highly insulated SIP panels in the floor roof and walls. The windows are double glazed uPVC. It is clad in Western Red cedar and fully complies with current Building Regulations. In terms of energy performance the walls, roof and floors will deliver u-values (heat loss) figures of 0.22 w/m2k. This figure is over 50% better than current building regs require – it won’t cost very much to heat!


Made up of four 4.5 x 9m pods and one of 2.350m x 9m which contained the toilets, the building was delivered to site on 5 articulated lorries.

Offload and install

All the pods were offloaded in an afternoon. This saved significant H&S issues as well as minimising inconvenience to the school. Using a 100t crane meant we were able to lift the pods over a boundary hedge and keep all heavy traffic
movements away from the school. The boxes were joined together the same day.
By having the building watertight on the same day it was delivered meant preinstalled electrical and plumbing could be connected and commissioned the morning after delivery and internal finishing work could begin without any delay.


a) Site prep, groundworks, drains and services – 15 working days prior to delivery.
b) From delivery to the first school assembly in the building – 10 working days.
c) External landscaping and installation of a 130m2 deck for alfresco dining – 10 days.
d) Total duration on site – 35 working days