New buildings can last 100’s of years. Bearing in mind the future costs of fossil fuels it is extremely cost effective to incorporate energy efficient technology at the outset. The Timberworks Europe philosophy is to reduce the need for energy by creating a well insulated airtight structure that hardly needs any heating or cooling.

How do you build an extremely energy efficient building?

An insulation thickness of 190mm helps reduce heat loss through the building
envelope. Double-glazed Argon gas filled windows, doors and frames are fitted into wall panels (where possible) in the factory to avoid any heat loss around the edges.

Eliminate thermal bridges.
The system is specifically designed to eliminate any possibility of heat loss across
thermal bridges. Conversely, in warm weather this system helps keep the building cool.

Air tightness.
Timberworks Europe building’s are airtight and are likely to pass air tightness tests the first time. They maintain their air tightness integrity throughout the life of the building as they do not shrink or crack. While the suggested air circulation value of a new house with natural ventilation is 3 times in an hour a recent test carried out on a Timberworks panel house resulted in 1.7 times an hour. Hence Timberworks ThermoLog eco-friendly buildings vent air at half the rate of the current air tightness requirements.