The thermal behaviour of the Timberworks system is excellent.
The ‘u’ value of a wall or roof, etc, is a measurement of the heat that is lost through that part of the building – the lower the ‘u’ value the better.
The Government has set suggested ‘u’ values for various parts of a building. These ‘u’ values go to make up a coding which will form part of Building Regulations and it is the intention to make coding mandatory in future. The higher the coding, Code 6 being carbon neutral, the more energy efficient the building is.
Our building elements are proving to be better (and in some cases considerably
better) than required, as set out below:

ElementBuilding Regulations Required ‘u’ value ( W/m²K)Timberworks Europe ‘u’ value ( W/m²K)

The system design eliminates the possibility of thermal bridges because there is a continuous unbroken envelope made from the entire thickness of the insulation. This also significantly reduces the risk of surface condensation.